For all your Overseas Remittance needs.

Sending money overseas from India, is convenient and easy with BFC Forex. Our Outward Remittance service for transferring money from India to all the countries around the world. (Except countries under UN Sanctions)

Available in all major currencies

Remit money through Wire Transfer or Foreign Currency Demand Draft

Get competitive great exchange rates

As a resident in India, you can now remit money overseas through BFC Forex India, who are authorised to release/remit foreign exchange under AD II Licence for the below transactions under the Liberated Remittance Scheme (LRS).

  • Private visits,
  • Remittance by tour operators / travel agents to overseas agents / principals / hotels,
  • Business travel,
  • Fee for participation in global conferences and specialized training,
  • Remittance for participation in international events / competitions (towards training, sponsorship, and prize money),
  • Film shooting,
  • Medical treatment abroad,
  • Disbursement of crew wages,
  • Overseas education,
  • Remittance under educational tie up arrangements with universities abroad,
  • Remittance towards fees for examinations held in India and abroad and additional score sheets for GRE, TOEFL, etc.
  • Employment and processing, assessment fees for overseas job applications,
  • Emigration and emigration consultancy fees,
  • Skills / credential assessment fees for intending migrants,
  • Visa fees,
  • Processing fees for registration of documents as required by the Portuguese / other Governments,
  • Registration / subscription / membership fees to International Organizations.

So, if you are sending money overseas, then look at our great remittance rates today!

Documents requirement for Remittance through BFC Forex India as an AD CAT II.

To send/transfer money overseas you could click on the attached pdf, which would share the list of documents required to support your transaction. Alternatively, you could visit our nearest branch from you, our staff would guide you with all details on the documentation and the process involved to your complete satisfaction.

Latest Outward Remittances Rates

Currency Credit to Account
Pound Sterling to US Dollar Exchange Rate
US Dollar
Pound Sterling to Euro Exchange Rate
Pound Sterling to Pound Sterling Exchange Rate
Pound Sterling
Pound Sterling to Canadian Dollar Exchange Rate
Canadian Dollar
Pound Sterling to Swiss Franc Exchange Rate
Swiss Franc
Pound Sterling to Australian Dollar Exchange Rate
Australian Dollar
Pound Sterling to New Zealand Dollar Exchange Rate
New Zealand Dollar
Pound Sterling to Singapore Dollar Exchange Rate
Singapore Dollar
Pound Sterling to Hong Kong Dollar Exchange Rate
Hong Kong Dollar
Pound Sterling to Japanese Yen Exchange Rate
Japanese Yen
Pound Sterling to United Arab Emirates Dirhams Exchange Rate
UAE Dirham
Last updated rates at 2024-06-14 20:51:01
1 FX = Displayed INR
Rates are indicative and subject to change.

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Last updated rates at 2024-06-14 20:51:01
Rates are indicative and subject to change.

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